Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back from the USA

Being gone for three weeks felt like three months. Not to mention the change of temperature. The weather in Firenze is typical for the time of year: cold, rainy, overcast, dreary. And I was met with a very chilly apartment since the heat had not been turned on since I moved in. There in the living room were the 15 boxes of American crap that had turned up while I was gone, only 18 weeks late. Thank you Charles for being the receiver of the goods. (Sounds truly felonious!) So a monumental unpacking job: the boxes, my suitcase and naturally a heap of stuff brought back with me. I never go "back" without some extra stuff, 'cause you can never have enough "stuff" (viz. George Carlin). I have nearly a year's worth of book club reading, pots, pans, linens, waaaay more clothes than I need, a few shoes, kitchen gear sufficient for an army mess, and the right salt. Just the basics.
I had a very nice visit to CA: completed the doctor visits I needed; survived my birthday with my dignity mostly intact (only one singing session); had two thanksgivings both delicious (Yea, Lisa's turkey and pies!!); a great visit to LA to see Aaron (complete with star sighting); lunch/dinner/chitchat with most of my pals and family; some "only in SF" events including a 49er win (actually "once in a blue moon" for this!) and a fabulous series of food memories. Now back to the unpacking of boxes. I should be done just before the lease is up.